Narendra Modi at Bargarh convention in Odisha

Modi says Odisha has potential to be no.1 in agri sector; attacks BJD govt over poverty

BARGARH: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said Odisha has the potential to be number one in the agriculture sector, while indirectly took a dig at the Naveen Patnaik-led Odisha government for no substantial development in the state forcing people to leave in poverty despite abundant natural resources.

“Odisha is blessed with abundant natural resources, but, the people of the state are still poor. I don’t understand why poverty does not leave the people,” said Modi addressing a farmers’ convention at Bargarh.

He said the youth of Odisha have risen and so have their aspirations.

“They don’t want this ‘Chalta Hai Chalne Do’ style of working,” said the Prime Minister.

Informing that Odisha is blessed with so many rivers, he said If Odisha wants then it can become number one in agriculture and the second green revolution can start from the state.

“Where will the 2nd green revolution start from? Have you ever thought it could be from your state, from Odisha? Odisha has the strength. Economic activity in the eastern part of India must increase,” said the Prime Minister.

Modi also aims to double the income of farmers when the country marks 75 years of freedom in 2022.

He said the farmers should also focus on other areas such as fisheries, animal husbandry, honey bee and timber plantation to meet the target.

He pointed out that the government implemented the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana for the benefit of the farmers.