Police to conduct polygraph test of Jessy - Polygraph report of Jessy

Polygraph Report Finds No Involvement of Jessy Behind Raja’s Death!

BALASORE: Television actress Jessy, who was arrested on charges of abetting Odia actor Raja’s death, reportedly passed the polygraph test as the report handed over to police revealed that Jessy has no role to play in the death of the actor.

The polygraph report of Jessy, which State Forensic Laboratory handed over to Balasore police on Tuesday, revealed that most of the statements given by the teleactress during the lie detection test were true, said police sources.

The report said that it did not find any evidence regarding the involvement of Jessy to instigate Raja committing suicide on February 7 night during returning from an event.

A police official privy to it said the report denies the involvement of the actress in the demise of her co-star Raja, who had succumbed to injuries on February 7.

The report, however, revealed that there were contradictory statements on her reported affair with the actor and stayed in a city hotel for months.

Police sources said Jessy was asked more than 50 questions on various issues including about her affair with Raja and the incident that led to Raja’s suicide during the polygraph test.

Meanwhile, Odia television actor Jess, who was admitted to Soro hospital after she complained of vomiting after having her lunch, has returned to jail after undergoing treatment.

Jessy is currently in judicial custody following her arrest on charges of instigating Odia actor Ranjit Patnaik alias Raja to commit suicide.