Balangir Administration Starts Evicting Encroached Land By Timan

BALANGIR: The Balangir district administration on Saturday started evicting government land encroached by Srikant Kumbhar alias Timan  in the presence of police in Larki Pali.

The Bolangir Municipality on Friday served notice to vacate the encroached government land within 24 hours failing which the encroachment would be evicted, said the executive officer of Bolangir Municipality Jayant Parida.

Today, the eviction of encroached land has started, added Parida.

According to sources, Bolangir municipality has served at least 7 notices to vacate the encroachment.

A total of six platoons of police have been deployed, and there are no reports of any untoward incident or resistance, said SDPO Narayan Naik.

Meanwhile, police interrogated Timan where he admitted to grabbing land.