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Daringibadi Records 12.05 Degree Celsius

Kandhamal: With the southwest monsoon withdrawing from Odisha, the temperature has started coming down at several places in the state.

The temperature plunged to 12.05 degree Celsius in Daringbadi, known as Kashmir of Odisha, on Sunday.

While the temperature was 13.05 degree Celsius on Saturday, it dropped to 12.05 degree Celsius on Sunday, said the temperature record keeper Purussotam Sahu in Daringbadi block office.

A wave of chill prevailed in Kandhamal district making it difficult for people to move out after sunset.

People were seen huddled around the bonfire to beat the cold as water in various water bodies turned icy due to prevailing cold wave. The sky remained cloudy during the day with heavy fog being witnessed till forenoon.

Besides, the temperature has come down in several other places in southern and western Odisha, said the Meteorological department here.

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