Police Not Immune To Superstitions

Bhubaneswar: You might have read about the cricketers and film stars and their uncanny superstitions. The commissionerate police here also follows superstitious beliefs.

One of the superstitions that cops here have is that if something falls from the hands of a person inside the police station then it will bring bad luck.

An officer posted at Sahid Nagar police station said that they have been following this belief for the past several years.

“If anything falls from the hands of someone then we consider it as bad luck. Especially when a key or a pen falls inside the police station then it is assumed that it will create problems for the police station and it will also increase our workload,” he added.

Another cop posted at Mancheswar police station said if some articles fall from the hands of anyone, including them, then seniors present over there express their displeasure thinking it will bring bad luck to the police station.

The cop also pointed that they do not enter the police station if they have touched a dead body at a crime scene.

“This is followed by most of the police officials here,” he said.

Police sources said cops never bring dead bodies inside the police stations as they believe that doing so will lead to a massive increase in crimes in that area.

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