India test fires subsonic cruise missile Nirbhay

Balasore: India on Wednesday test fired its indigenously developed long-range subsonic cruise missile Nirbhay from the Integrated Test Range at Chandipur off Odisha coast.

The missile of its kind, under the developmental trail, was put on a test by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for the fourth time after not achieving desired and consistent result in the previous tests.

However, the outcome of the test was not known.

The unique feature of the six-metre tall, low-altitude flying missile is it can evade detection by radars.

The Nirbhay has good loitering capability, good control and guidance, a high degree of accuracy in terms of impact and very good stealth features.

It is said to be equivalent of Tomahawk, a long-range, subsonic cruise missile developed by the US.

Four versions of Nirbhay – land, ship, air and submarine – would be developed; and for the first land attack cruise missile, the DRDO has been on the job, sources said.

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