Lady journalist molested in bus in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: A girl was allegedly molested in a bus while she was returning from her village to the capital city of Odisha.

The incident took place on Wednesday night. The girl, a working journalist, took to Facebook to describe her ordeal.

“I was alone among 60 in a moving bus, no one turned up..Conductor just consoled me saying I have asked him to be decent, please u sit peacefully. However I called upon 100 but the answer was just this no. cant be reached.,” she wrote on her Facebook account.

“I later called the so called woman helpline no.1091 of Cuttack as I was near OMP, but no one took the pain of answering,” she added.

She said that the state government and police are answerable for the incident.

“Today a rape could have been successfully attempted and the so called helpline nos given to us for untoward situation would have only helped the rapist to enjoy his misdeed…Am I responsible because I m a girl..???? Shame on humanity!!!!!,” she said in her post.