SJTA to auction garments donated to Jagannath temple

Puri: The Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) has decided to auction the garments donated to Srimandir deities by devotees.

SJTA administrator (rituals) Pradip Kumar Das said the temple administration has decided to auction the donated garments.

Devotees often donate sarees, dhotis and shawls made from high-quality cotton, silk and tussar to the presiding deities, he added.

Devotees usually donate money, gold, silver and garments into a donation box (hundi) installed at Natamandap on Srimandir premises.

The temple administration would ask the textiles department to ascertain the market prices of the donated garments before auctioning them.

The temple administration had installed a donation box on Srimandir premises three decades ago.

It had collected 18.261 kg gold and 119.78 kg silver from the donation box till January this year, said an official.