Sarpanchs to get Collector’s power in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Sunday said that registration of people returning from other states at panchayat level has been done mandatory and Sarpanchs will be given the power of Collectors to implement it effectively.

Every Gram Panchayat will have a registration facility to facilitate the return of people. It is mandatory for people to register before return. Their relatives and friends in the village can register on their behalf.

People, who have returned from other states and registered with Panchayats will get an incentive of Rs 2000 after 14 days quarantine period, said the Chief Minister.

“To implement this effectively and with a humane touch, the state government in a historic move, delegates the powers of District Collectors to the Sarpanches of the Gram Panchayat for their jurisdiction,” said the Chief Minister.

“Extraordinary situations call for extraordinary solutions. Empowering panchayats and urban local bodies will facilitate smooth movement, track and monitor the returnees, and strengthen our fight against 0 COVID-19,” he added.