Covid testing to be increased in Bhubaneswar town

Bhubaneswar: The number of Covid testing would be increased in Bhubaneswar to prevent the spread of the disease, said an official on Saturday.

About 1000 Covid testing per day was undertaken in Bhubaneswar town previously.

It is targeted to enhance the number to 1400 and appropriate action has been taken from today to ensure it, the official said.

15 Rapid Response Teams have been formed to identify infected patients where as 9 teams were working previously. 

All the major activities such as testing, community involvement, slum management, remedial arrangement, data collection and enforcement measures have been intensified to contain COVID-19.

Prem Chandra Chaudhary, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) Commissioner said that a total number of 3321 beds with 85 ICU beds are available at various Covid treatment facilities in Bhubaneswar.

This includes 6 Covid Care Homes with 870 beds, Dedicated Covid Health Centre at Patia with 60 beds, Covid Care Centres at HITECH Hospital with 500 beds and SIDBI with 40 beds, Dedicated Covid Hospital at KIIMS with 500 beds and 45 ICUs and at SUM Hospital with 500 beds and 25 ICU beds.

Covid facilities near Bhubaneswar for rural areas have also 826 beds.

With these facilities, arrangements have been made for additional 1500 beds with cooperation of different Hospitals, Health Institutions, Industrial Houses, MLA LAD Funds and Residential Welfare Associations. 

As of today, 1828 Covid positive are identified in Bhubaneswar town. Out of these, 952 persons are recovered while 863 are active and under treatment.