Odisha HSC Results To Be Declared On April 27

BSE releases alternative assessment method for Class X exam

Cuttack: The Board of Secondary Education (BSE), Odisha has released the alternative assessment method for matriculation exam 2021.

The Annual High School Certificate/ Madhyama/ State Open School Certificate Examinations which were scheduled to be held on May 3 were cancelled due to rising cases of COVID-19 infections in the state and directions were issued to the Board to come up with an alternative method of assessment to award marks to the candidates.

Now, the the Board has come up with one alternative mode of assessment.

All categories of candidates will have the option to appear offline examination when the pandemic situation improves if they will not be satisfied with outcome of the results.

However outcome of the offline examination will be considered as the final result and binding on part of the candidate.


The procedure of assessments will be different for different examinations. Separate procedure will be applied for different category of candidates of a particular examination.


School Regular (SR) & Quasi Regular (QR)

These category of candidates have done offline classes in Class-IX at their schools and have appeared Half Yearly examination in Class-IX during 2019 and could not appear all papers in Class-IX Annual examination due to COVID-19.

Offline classes have been arranged for these candidates in Class-X from January, 2021. The Board has also conducted practice tests during January, February, March & April, 2021 for these students.

Basing on the teaching activities undertaken and tests conducted at school level, methods of assessment as framed below shall be adopted for award of marks for this category of candidates.

a) Each school has to fill up the Tabulation Register format given by the Board for both for Class-IX & X.

b) Marks in each examination conducted (both in Class-IX & X) are to be converted out of the maximum marks mentioned against each subject and to be entered in the Tabulation Register.

c) Marks of the following examinations have been asked to be entered in the Tabulation Register.

Class- IX

[i] Half Yearly Examination

[ii] Annual Examination

Class- X

 [i] 2nd Practice Test held during February, 2021

[ii] 3rd Practice Test held during March, 2021

[iII] 4th Practice Test held during April, 2021

d) All total 2766 schools have been selected as Mentor school to which some near by schools have been attached.

e) Headmaster of Mentor School shall upload the marks of individual schools attached to it with the support Headmaster/ school teachers of attached schools.

f) The marks secured by the candidates in the following examinations shall be uploaded.

[i] Subject wise highest marks secured by the candidates among Class-IX examinations (half yearly and annual)

[ii] Class-X, 2nd Practice Test Examination

[iii] Class-X, 3rd Practice Test Examination

[iv] Class-X, 4th Practice Test Examination

g) Board will take into consideration the two highest marks in each subject from the three practice tests conducted in Class-X.

h) School wise merit list shall be prepared after giving appropriate weightage to marks secured and uploaded in above examinations.

i) 40% weightage will be given to highest marks secured in Class-IX examinations in each subject. This is required as attendance in Class-X which started from 08/01/2021 was optional including the days of practice tests. In case a candidate has not appeared in any of the practice tests of Class-X examination, 100% weightage will be given to the mark secured in Class-IX examination (both half yearly and annual) and subject wise highest marks will be taken into consideration.

j) Two highest marks in all subject out of three practice tests conducted in Class-X will be given weightage of 30% each. In case any candidate has appeared in only one practice test, then 70% weightage will be given in the mark secured in Class-IX examinations (half yearly and annual).

k) Results of Annual HSC Examination conducted by B.S.E., Odisha of last four years i.e. 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 of the schools will be analysed and basing on the best performance of the school in last four years, maximum no. of different grades bagged by each school shall be found out. The data base is already available with B.S.E., Odisha.

l) Basing on the grades as drawn at supra (k), marks shall be allotted to each candidate in graded manner.