Tamannaah to take legal action against MasterChef Telugu

Mumbai: Actress Tamannaah Bhatia remains a part of the headlines these days. She informed her fans about the TV debut in August. She told the fans about hosting MasterChef Telugu.

Tamannaah hosted the show and the fans liked it very much but now there has been some rift between the makers of the show and Tamannaah.

According to reports, things are not going well between Tamannaah and the makers of the show. Makers of Tamannaah have closed all the avenues of conversation. Because of which the actress has decided to take legal action.

According to the reports, the actress has been forced to take legal action due to non-clearing of payments and un-professionals of the production house of MasterChef Telugu

A few days ago it was reported that Tamannaah Bhatia is being replaced by the TV show MasterChef Telugu. If reports are to be believed, Anasuiya Bharadwaj was about to replace Tamannaah. According to reports, Anasuiya has also shot some episodes of the show.

At that time the report came that the reason behind Tamanna’s replacement has not been clarified yet. According to the reports, she was not able to shoot further as she was not able to shoot the episodes according to the time.