Anumita’s ‘Khwaab’ featuring Moj creator Bhavi garners 6Bn plays

Music that soothes the soul and radiates hope is the music that truly elevates one’s mood. Anumita Nadesan’s latest track featuring Moj creator Bhavi has been receiving a massive response as the song redefines the feeling of hope and the power of confidence for the world. Exclusively released on Moj, India’s number one short video platform, a week before its official release, #MyKhwaab accumulated 6 billion plays on the app. It is now in Spotify’s Viral 50 India charts.

The latest indie hit has recorded a fantastic 4.3 lakh streams on Spotify in a short span of time to become the most organically growing song on the platform. Khwaab has also featured as #1 on Radar India, #2 on Hindies, #3 on Desi Indie, and #4 on Viral Songs. The upbeat track Khwaab has become the face of Amazon Music and a chartbuster on Apple music, Radio City – Indie Artist of the Month, and YouTube music, garnering a staggering 1.7 million views on YouTube. Boosting the charts ahead, the soulful track is trending high on Following the virality of the song, renowned fashion designer Manish Malhotra has chosen the song Khwaab to feature his new collection – Fable of Love on Instagram.

Reacting to the love showered by the listeners, talented artist Anumita Nadesan said, “Khwaab is a very personal and intimate thought of a young girl braving to chase her hopes and dreams. It is humbling to see such warm reactions to this song. It feels as if the world is embracing this journey with me, and I’m thoroughly delighted to see how Bhavi has expressed my thoughts beautifully on the screen. It is so refreshing. I am so glad to partner with Moj for my debut and receive an overwhelming response on the app. As for the reactions to Khwaab, I would say, Keep ’em coming.”

Expressing gratitude, Moj creator Bhavi Chandiramani said, “Khwaab is one of the most soothing and relatable songs I have ever heard. Anumita’s wonderful creation showcases me in my element – A girl who wears her heart on her sleeves, who is not afraid to take on challenges and is ready to conquer her dreams. I am grateful to Moj for providing me with opportunities that bolster my career in the content creation space. I consider myself lucky that I have chosen to portray the underlining message of such a beautiful track.”

The creators’ community is ever-growing and evolving, and Moj has become a primary source of support over time. Through creative collaborations and associations, Moj scouts the emerging talented individuals and provides them with a platform. #MyKhwaab is a prime example of providing a platform for blooming creators and showcasing their brimming talents. In association with Big Bang Music, Moj launched Khwaab, which has successfully taken on the video and audio streaming platforms with its youthful and fresh energy. Moj has previously launched Armaan Malik’s YOU and Sonakshi Sinha’s Mil Mahiya exclusively on the app, crossing enormous views quickly.