Do you know Jamtara director Soumendra Padhi belongs to Odisha?

Jamtara Season 2 is live on Netflix. People, who have lost their money by falling into online scams, must have felt their sorrow silently by placing stones on their hearts. But back with the promise of ‘this time something big happens’, Rocky and Sunny are ready to cheat you again in Jamtara Season 2.

Meanwhile an interesting fact has come to the fore.  The maximum credit for a movie goes to its director. Do you know who the director of Jamtara is?

The director of Jamtara is Soumendra Padhi. He is an Odia. This fact is very less known factor.

“Many of you might have watched Jamtara on Netflix. I know many of you don’t know that the web series’ director Soumendra Padhi belongs to Odisha,” said Mishra.

He further went to say that like many director from Kerala, who have worked in Bollywood and have made movies in their own language, he (Padhi) will direct movies in Odia language one day.

“We all Odia people love you and feel proud for you Soumendra babu,” Manoj Mishra said.

Padhi has also done a Hindi film with an Odia subject. It’s a biopic on Budhia Singh. The movie “Budhia Singh- Born to run” has won a national award for best children’s Film.

Worth mentioning, Jamtara offers the ideal mixture of gripping dramatisation and realism. While it tries to add novelty to the whole phishing sphere with a political splash, the authenticity of the setting and power packed performances by the cast makes it worth watching.