SwitchON Foundation launches Move for Earth movement

SwitchON Foundation today launched the second leg of the ‘Move for Earth’ movement to celebrate and inspire Climate Action with a purpose to build a smarter and brighter future for ourselves, our children, our farmers and life on earth.

Vinay Jaju, Co-founder of SwitchON Foundation will be cycling over 3,000 km across different states in East India including around 500 kms in Odisha and connecting with over 10,000 farmers, women and youth, to address issues related to the issues to be addressed are clean air and sustainable mobility, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy.  

SwitchON Foundation, celebrating its 15 year anniversary announced the schedule of this six- day Cycle Yatra across Odisha as part of the ‘Move for Earth’ movement, which will engage Farmers, Youth, Government, Financiers, Technologists and Civil Society Organizations through its journey, and offer solutions to community-specific issues related to water, soil, energy and clean air, that are directly impacting the livelihood and health of citizens. This movement aims to unite and amplify the collective voice of Climate Champions, equip communities with key tools, resources, new age skills and create a networked ecosystem for them to be the ambassadors of change.  

SwitchON Foundation, along with various partners, plans to host a series of activities in cities, towns and villages across different states of India apart from Odisha to build resilience with future friendly skills, technologies and practices to mitigate the climate crisis our planet Earth faces.  

Vinay Jaju, Co-founder SwitchON Foundation said, “In 2008, we, the founding team of SwitchON Foundation, set out on a bicycle ride from Kolkata to New Delhi. The ride inspired and sparked the impetus to a 15-year-journey of serving and strengthening communities through clean energy and other sustainable ways of living. Today, in the face of a devastating climate crisis we have decided to take on a similar ride to celebrate and inspire climate action. The Cycle Yatra will engage Farmers, Youth, Government, Financiers, Technologists and Civil Society Organisations.”