Seminar on Roadmap for Accident Prevention held

Bhubaneswar: A state-level safety seminar titled “Roadmap for Accident Prevention” was organized on March 23 by Directorate of Factories and Boilers of State Labour and Employees’ State Insurance Department at Bhubaneswar.

The Minister of State for Labour and Employees’ State Insurance, Shrikanta Sahu attended the seminar as chief guest.

In his inaugural address, Minister Sahu gave clear-cut instructions to the factory managements to strictly follow the safety rules in the factories and provide proper training and safety equipments to their workers.

In addition, he further advised every factory of the state should take special measures with a vision of ‘Zero-Accident-Target’.

Administrative Secretary, Department of Labour and Employees’ State Insurance, Santhanagopalan R., attending the inaugural session as the guest of honour, has advised the factory owners to ensure compliance of safety regulations in their factories.

Apart from this, he directed to provide appropriate ex-gratia assistance to the families of the workers affected by the accident. Along with this, the departmental officials have also been directed to inspect the factories at regular intervals and strictly check the safety arrangements.
The keynote speaker, Director of Factories and Boilers, Dr. N. Thirumala Naik, in the inaugural session directed the departmental officers to hold monthly review meetings with the safety officers at their regional level.

The senior officials (above 100) representatives of the major factories of the state and all the officers of the directorate have participated in the said seminar.

Malay Kumar Pradhan, Deputy Director of Factories and Boilers (Safety) of the Directorate delivered the welcome address at the said seminar, while Anil Kumar Nanda, Asst. Director of Factories and Boilers (Safety) presented the vote of thanks; and Chitta Ranjan Beura, Asst. Director of Factories & Boilers (Safety) coordinated in smooth hold of the meeting.