BJP chief JP Nadda advocates for Odisha’s own: Calls for Odia Chief Minister

Padampur: BJP National President JP Nadda emphasized the desire of the people of Odisha to elect a Chief Minister who hails from the state and embodies its spirit. Speaking at a public gathering in Padampur, Nadda highlighted the criteria sought by the Odisha populace in their leader.

“People of Odisha seek a youthful Chief Minister, one who is deeply rooted in Odisha’s culture, fluent in its language, and dedicated to daily administration,” stated Nadda, urging the audience to consider these qualities when casting their vote.

He underscored the significance of ‘Swabhiman’ or self-respect, asserting that a Chief Minister should be intimately connected to the region, its customs, and its people. Nadda questioned the current governance model in Odisha, where he alleged that despite the public’s mandate for one individual, the administration is effectively controlled by another.

Critiquing the incumbent government’s handling of health initiatives, Nadda lamented the non-implementation of the Ayushman Bharat scheme in Odisha. He claimed that Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s reluctance to adopt the scheme has deprived around 68 lakh families of essential health coverage.

Nadda highlighted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment to aiding Odisha despite political differences, citing increases in financial aid and the establishment of institutions like the Indian Institute of Management in Sambalpur.

Earlier, Nadda led a significant roadshow in Bhubaneswar, engaging with the public and advocating for the BJP’s vision for the state.