Complex surgery at SUM Hospital’s Sitalapalli campus

Berhampur: Surgeons at the Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Hospital’s Sitalapalli campus here have successfully conducted a complex spine surgery on an obese patient.

 The patient, who suffered from severe spinal issues and simultaneously carried cardiac and nephrological conditions, presented a unique challenge for the surgical team which comprised specialists in neurosurgery, cardiology and nephrology.

 The team members collaborated seamlessly to conduct two supra major spine surgeries on the patient, who weighed 130 kg, in a single session which included a cervical laminectomy, lumbar laminectomy and post spinal fixation.

 The surgery, which required advanced surgical skill as well as careful perioperative management to mitigate the risks associated with the patient’s comorbid condition, was conducted by Dr. Suryapratap Singh Tomar, neurosurgeon at the IMS and SUM Hospital, Bhubaneswar, and Dr. Ranjit Patra, orthopedic surgeon at the Sitalapalli campus of the hospital. 

The patient was recovering well showing significant improvement in mobility and pain reduction, which underscored the hospital’s ability to take up challenging cases and ensuring successful treatment of complex cases.

 The Sitalapalli campus of IMS and SUM Hospital, which was inaugurated less than five months ago, has emerged as a beacon of hope for patients of south Odisha facing complex medical issues. “The successful handling of this case is a testament to the hospital’s commitment to push the boundaries of medical science to provide relief to suffering patients,” hospital sources said.

IMS and SUM Hospital is a leading multi-speciality healthcare provider in Odisha known for its cutting-edge medical technology and highly skilled medical professionals whose mission is to provide comprehensive and compassionate care leveraging the latest advancements in medical science to treat complex and high risk cases.