Dhalasamant brothers, dreaded criminals, arrested; political link crops up

Dhala Samanta Brothers Sent To Choudwar Jail

CUTTACK: The criminal Dhala Samanta brothers Sushil and Sushant and their close aide Debasish Kar were on Sunday sent to jail after being produced before the Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate (SDJM)’s court here.

The trio was sent to Choudwar jail since the police did not seek to take them on a fresh remand. The police produced them before the court as their fourth phase remand with the Odisha police ended on Sunday.

Police sources said they would take the D-brothers on remand at later phase to investigate seizure of several forged documents including PAN cards etc. from the CDA office of Metaphor Trans Corporation Pvt Ltd on Saturday. Sources said one of the PAN cards seized from the premises bear Sushil Dhalasamant’s photo, but the name has been mentioned as Sunil Patnaik.

Police had handcuffed both brothers and made them walk about half km in full public glare up to the Metaphor office for further investigation on Saturday.