Draft Vision Document For 2036 To Be Ready Within 3 Months

Bhubaneswar: The draft of Odisha Vision Document for 2036 would be prepared within three months, said an official on Friday.

Keeping in view 100 years completion of state formation, the Odisha government formulating the Vision Document for 2036.

Reviewing the progress of the document, Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi said that the meeting aimed at exploring various facets of the document from the perspectives of making Odisha a leading prosperous state.

The departments were advised to articulate strategies for Vision 2036 for further deliberation. It was decided to draft the vision document within two to three months, said the Chief Secretary.

Subroto Bagchi, Chairman Odisha Skill Development Authority, elaborated on various dimensions of preparing the Vision document.

Padhi advised the departments that Vision Document should be based on the realistic assessment of state needs for future and service delivery at ground level.

Development Commissioner R. Balakrishnan emphasized that the vision document should be shaped as a powerful instrument to shape the future of Odisha.

The goals like ‘shared prosperity’, ‘equitable distribution of the developmental outcomes’, ‘social justice’, ‘occupational dignity’,  ‘inclusive growth’ in lines with the ideas of Swaraj and Sarvodaya were suggested in the meeting.

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