Love Pain Kuch Bhi Karega Movie Review: A Different Lagaan

Bhubaneswar: Affection alone can’t make a movie click. But, affection and a superstar, on the other hand, make for quite the package.

Babushan starrer Odia movie ‘Love Pain Kuch Bhi Karega’ is more comedy than romance. The film might be laden with faults in the conventional sense of the word, but if you give yourself over to the madness, you emerge having a pretty good time.

The one liner punches and dialogues in the film will make you laugh. The dialogue of Babushan ‘Munda Tina Karna’ and ‘Cherei Jaichhi’ (referring to his girlfriend) would certainly give the viewers a realistic flavor.  He also did fresh dialogue modulation to create good humor. The rest of the cast is in crackling form too.

The plot progresses with the love of Sanju (Babushan) and Parinita (Supriya). Sanju tries to get the love of Supriya. Of course, he does manage to succeed, despite his bumbling ways.

But, there is a twist in their love life when the father of Pari (Mihir Das) did not agree and puts a condition to play cricket with the Ranji team captain, with whom Pari’s marriage has been fixed.

Then the real drama starts as to how he manages to assemble an unlikely and reluctant band of eleven cricketers, each chosen for his unique but unapparent athletic abilities.

And after the requisite montage of trial-and-error-and-error-and-error practice sessions, the cricketers are as ready as they’ll ever be for the big day.

The cricket scenes remind the famous Bollywood film ‘Lagaan’. Actually, most of the cricket scenes are derived from the Bollywood film. For some of the scenes give you all your paisa-vasool entertainment.

However, there are certain scenes do not fit the present context, especially when you are making the film on the scenario of 2016, while Lagaan was picturised on Britishers and fellow villagers during pre-Independence.

But, it’s just good to watch a film with memorable comedy again.

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