Tora Dine Ku Mora Dine movie review

Tora Dine Ku Mora Dine Movie Review: Reflection Of Poor Execution

Bhubaneswar: We have seen some good movies of Sarthak Films in past and they are quite appealing. But, the movie ‘Tora Dine Ku Mora Dine’ released in Durga Puja is a frustrating one.

The film is so bad that you curse your luck throughout the runtime. It is the poor writing and amateurish direction that lets the film down. The movie is a reflection of poor direction, weak script, shoddy performance and poor dialogue delivery, with zero attention to the art of storytelling.

I think the heart of director Sudhanshu Mohan Sahoo was not in the film. It seems that the film was made whimsically. The screenplay is so poor that it makes you cringe. The dialogues do not match what is depicted on the screen.

The editing was also so poor that even audio-visual do not match at some scenes. Some of the scenes come out of the blue and perhaps even the director doesn’t know why they are there.

The film revolves around two friends, who turn enemies from their childhood due to some misunderstandings. They vow to kill each other. Muna (Amlan) joins a criminal gang led by Mihir Das at the age of 12 to take revenge against Deba (Arindam). In the course of time, Deba becomes a police officer. Then, the story goes on.

The performances of Sheetal and Riya Dey were not up to the mark. Even though Riya managed to do some good acting, it seems Sheetal had lost energy in the film.

In the first half itself, the story is seen slipping from its actual subject. To add to the woes of the viewer, they also introduce multiple characters and many of them are a complete nuisance.

Add to it, poorly choreographed song and dance sequences.

Besides, some small time actors and newcomers, waste their time by resorting to immature performances in the garb of acting.

If you have patient enough, only then will you reach the climax of this film. But, the climax is also not satisfying. If you want to watch the movie, you can visit your nearest cinema hall. After all, it’s your time and money.

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