Chhati Tale Ding Dong Movie Review

Chhati Tale Ding Dong Movie Review: Good Concept, Yet Fails To Entertain

Bhubaneswar: The film has a good story, carries a social message and it has its heart in the right place in terms of what it wants to convey. Yet, it failed in the entertainment factor.

The first half of the film is well made and entertaining. But, in the second half, the director loses the plot and concentrates on weight loss programmes. By attempting to make a women-centric movie, the director managed to bring a new concept in Odia film industry.

The film revolves around a young overweight girl Sweety’s ((Barsha Priyadarshini) struggle to lose weight to get the love of her life. Sweety falls in love with Suraj (Sabyasachi), who comes from UK to do a documentary film in Odisha. Sonia, who also comes from London, joins Suraj and falls in love with him. And, the story progresses on how Sweety overcomes her weight problem and whether she able to get married or not.

Even though the first half was entertaining, the poor editing lets the film down. Besides, the director concentrates more on cleanness than the actual story.

There was also several technical faults. For example, during a scene, a video was recorded on a mobile phone. But, when the video was shown on the mobile phone, the cell phone appeared in the video.

The second half of the story was predictable. You know which way the romance will go.

The film highlights the manipulative television shows and how society itself has to take the blame for falling into the trap of losing weight without breaking a sweat. On the other hand, the director promoted the producer’s ventures.

The climax of the film was overstretched while everyone had the knowledge what was going to happen.

The performance of Barsha Priyadarshini as an overweight girl was excellent. Sabyasachi and Archita also put up a good performance in the film. Bollywood bad boy Shakti Kapoor as a gym trainer played his character well.

The good part of the film is that you can watch the movie that gives you some social messages.

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