Image: The Telegraph

One arrested in connection with Dhamra Port recruitment scam

Bhubaneswar: Police have arrested one of the culprits in relation to the Dhamra Port recruitment scam which was being carried out through a fake website.

The arrested person, named Santosh Kumar Panda (Santu), aged 33 years, of Sankhesore in Jagatsinghpur district, has confessed to the crime.

He is now in police custody.

This Dhamra port recruitment scam had duped numerous innocent job aspirants from across the country by collecting application fee of varying amount for the fake job vacancies, on multiple occasions.

An unnamed source from the Dhamra Port has conveyed that the company has been taking proactive measures in this regard right from the beginning. The management of Dhamra Port ensured an FIR was lodged soon after it was brought to their notice in mid-November 2017.

The primary concern of the management has been to make the public at large aware of this on-going criminal activity and thereby safeguarding them through multiple press releases in different local as well as national newspapers.

Thereafter, continuous and relentless assistance has been extended to Police Department throughout the investigation, through the company’s IT department and advisers.