Tiffin stall to OAS: Struggle life of Birendra Tripathy

Tiffin stall to OAS: Struggle life of Birendra Tripathy

Bhubaneswar: Birendra Tripathy, son of a tiffin stall owner, has cracked the Odisha Civil Services examination 2018.

Birendra, a young boy from the Rental colony in Bhubaneswar, has secured 67th rank in the exam, the results of which were declared on Monday.

His father and uncle, who ran a tiffin stall in Bhubaneswar, worked hard to give a good life to Birendra and his sister. They earn Rs 300-400 daily from the tiffin stall to eke out a living.

“It was a journey full of struggle. My father and uncle run the shop, which is the only source of income for us. However, I have received scholarships. Even people including teachers have helped me during my study. It is sheer determination that helped me to crack the exam,” said Birendra.

“One has to work hard without any aspiration to get fruitful results,” he said.

Birendra, who has experienced poverty throughout his life, said he will work for the upliftment of the people during his service career.

“Whatever I earn from the shop, I spent it on the children of my brother. I am happy that with the blessings of God, Birendra got OAS without going to any coaching centre,” said Birendra’s uncle Surendra, who choose not to marry in his life.