Kapil Sharma reacts to Sunil Grover’s heart surgery

Comedian and Bollywood actor Sunil Grover has recently undergone bypass surgery. As soon as the fans got this news, everyone was surprised. Everyone was worried about Sunil.

From actors to fans, everyone was praying for Sunil’s speedy recovery. However, Sunil has been discharged from the hospital on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, it was also learned that Sunil had also suffered a mini heart attack. Now Kapil Sharma’s reaction has come on Sunil’s condition.

When Kapil was asked about Sunil’s condition, he while talking to Times of India said, “I was very shocked to hear the news. I am very worried about Sunil’s health. I have messaged him.

Kapil and Sunil used to be good friends earlier and both have also worked together in The Kapil Sharma Show. Fans also loved the pair of both, but then in the year 2017, a fight broke out between the two during a flight. After coming back to India, both of them stopped talking and Sunil refused to work with Kapil. Sunil did not return even after repeated calls by Kapil and the makers of the show.