Babushaan decides not to work with Prakruti Mishra!

Hours after a video of Babushaan Mohanty, his wife Trupti and actress Prakuti Mishra went vial on social media on Saturday, the actor has shared a video message.

In the video, Babushaan can be seen saying that,” I know you are enjoying the viral video.”

“I want to share with you something that I had visited Chennai to celebrated ‘Utkal Divas’ with the Odia people staying there. Prakruti Mishra was also invited as guest in the event. I was there to promote my movie,” Babushaan said.

He further said that he was about to announce his new film with Prakruti Mishra during the event.

“However, I was not aware of my family issues. If there is so many issues, I won’t work with her (Prakaruti), in fact I won’t work with any heroine,” the actor said.

In the morning, the wife of Babushaan allegedly manhandled Prakruti Mishra in full public view. Several videos of the entire incident have gone viral on social media forcing the parents of Prakruti Mishra to lodge a formal police complaint.

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