Chini - The Sweet Eternal

Movie Review: Chini – The Sweet Eternal

Bhubaneswar: Drama, comedy, emotion, humor, story, entertainment – Chini has it all. It has become rare in Ollywood to come across a movie this good that will reach the inner depths of your heart. Chini is one such movie.

It will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride and will leave you with moist eyes. The movie captures many aspects of the life of an individual in a family.

The Sweet Eternal is a story of life and struggle of a family in a less developed village. The family was living in joy and fun until a misfortune happened, and all their happiness vanished from life. This is a story of how people treated them in the days of their sorrow, and how they fight this most difficult situation, not to lose faith and hope.

Director Pradeep Bhol has nicely depicted the color and culture of a typical Western Odisha village in the movie. The movie picks a tight script and Pradeep did very well to follow it till the end. He made sure he had portrayed all the characters in the film at their best.

All the characters have done a fantastic job to make this movie appear so lively. Precision to tiniest detail is spot on.

Folk music, songs, and dance are very entertaining. You will love them.

The story is about a small family of Khira Nayak (Mihir Das), Pani (Maheswata) and their three children Chaha, Pati and Chini, who live in Vikhampur village. Manav (Amlan) comes to the village as a doctor and falls in love with Jagi (Patrali).  They were all living very happily until one day when Chini fell sick. That is when nothing went in Khira’s way. Their struggle in life begins. You, as a viewer, will feel their journey.

However, there are some parts in the movie which feel a bit stretched and could have been shortened. And, the ending could have been better.

Everyone who claims to be a cinema lover should definitely watch this movie. You won’t be disappointed.

This is not a movie for those who just want to go to theaters and expect some modern college love drama, or high on action movies. But, you should try once.


  1. So much positive points in the review. Happy to see such a good review for an odia film. But sorry, I think your star ratings doesn’t match to your review, means it must have (4/5). Again a very late review after 5 days of release of the movie. But still thanks for reviewing this, actually i was waiting for your review, now after reading your review I am going for the movie this sunday.

    Another query. Can you provide official box office collection of odia movies. Or post some articles about top 10 highest grossing odia movies of all time

    • Thank you Chinu. I will dig up some info.

    • Did you watch the movie ‘Chini’? If you have, please share your views. Thank you.

      • Yes, Watched it and loved it very much. After a long time witnessed an odia film without any nonsense comedy and double meaning dialogues. But I think Amlan star power is not sufficient to make it a good grosser although I appreciate his decision to do such a good movie.

        I think star like Anubhav and babushaan to come forward to do such types of movies. Personally I feel they are very good actors especially Babushaan, and instead of wasting their talents by working repeatedly with crap directors Ashok Pati and Murali Krishna, they should choose good Script and work under good directors. Just imagine if anubhav had a guest appearance in “Phada ra luha” and Babushaan had a role in “Chini”, things would have different. At least they had some star power and good movie featuring them will never go unnoticed. First his fans will watch the movie and when they will circulate good reviews, definitely others will come to cinema halls. The main problem of Our industry is
        (1). Our script writers never comes with new idea. At least they should try.
        (2) A good producer having a good script can’t afford a big star, and eventually no body will get to know when the film releases,
        (3) The bigger production houses like Sarthak and Tarang who can afford a big star will never take risk and will always a play a safe game with a rom-com story. Just see some latest film of sarthak. You will k now. We really lack producer like respected Basant Nayak.
        (4). Their is no unity in the industry. What is the meaning of releasing 3 to 4 big films simultaneously where we the no of halls is only 80.
        (5). Today, Leading actress like Archita and Barsha performing more as model than an actor, where as talented actress like Naina Dash even didn’t get a chance.
        (6)Same cast and same type of roles. Go through the career graph of Babushaan and you will feel he is just like a television actor who is just acting in the different episodes of a same serial. Again its always Sabya-Archita, Anubhav-Barsha orAnubhav-Jhilik, Babushaan-Jhilik or Babushaan -Elina, Amlan-Jhilk.etc…. Just stop it yaar.

        The above are just a small analysis by me. And about your ‘answer to my review of chini’, I think I am not much qualified to review a film on its technical basis. But definitely I enjoyed the film. (Sorry for the late response).

        • That is a very nice analysis of Ollywood you have put forward – deep, detailed and accurate.

          And, your review is the best one.

          You can become a great movie reviewer if you want. You have all the skills. Your analysis is perfect. Readers would love your reviews.

  2. I am very much appreciate the producer,director,actors of CHINI.I ve seen it with my family.very nice film.i request u all to see it.khanti odia sambalpuri masala rahichhi..The message is there to the doctors of our state those r not willing to go KBK district to join.Also found AIDS affected to rural girl CHINI

  3. Nice movie, You will feel like watching a true odia movie. Must see with family.

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