Katju anti-Odia comments
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Katju Receives ‘Get Well Soon’ Message For Anti-Odia Remarks

Bhubaneswar: Former Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju, who had triggered a controversy for his anti-Odia comments, on Saturday described the people of Odisha as ‘smart’.

Katju changed his opinion after receiving a  bouquet of flowers from the Delhi Odia Students Association and a note.

The words written on the note were “Get well soon Mr. Katju. Jai Jagannath”

“While earlier I regarded most of you as stupid and humourless, now I regard you as smart and with a sense of humour ( as all intelligent people have ). And my perception about you changed suddenly due to an event which happened in the last half an hour or so,” said Katju on his Facebook post.

“I was having lunch with my wife a short while back at my residence in Noida, when my servant informed me that some young men had come to meet me. I told him to allow the young men to enter, and ask them to be seated in my sitting room till I have finished lunch. The domestic help went out, and within a minute came back with a large beautiful bouquet of flowers, and a note. He said that the young men had just given this bouquet and note to him, and gone away,” said the former apex court judge.

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