Nandankanan zoological park

Nandankanan zoo to get new species

Bhubaneswar: Nandankanan Zoological Park (NZP) authorities have planned to bring in new species of animals and birds to the zoo for attracting visitors.

They are in touch with several other zoos of the country to work out deals for the exchange of animals.

“Science many animals here are spending life without having their companions, we are trying to bring some species through animal exchange programs. Steps are being taken for captive breeding,” said a zoo official.

The official claimed that NZP has planned to bring two male gharials from a zoo in Lucknow to boost its reptile population through captive breeding. “Absence of male gharials has been a concern for zoo authorities for the last several years. We are mulling to bring swamp deer and large Indian parakeet to Nandankanan,” said the official.

Zoo officials have conducted preliminary talks with a zoo in Kerala and another in Bangalore to secure a few rheas and military macaws through animal exchange programs.

“Rhea is a flightless large bird seen mainly in South America. Military macaw belongs to parrot family. It can imitate human voice if trained properly,” claimed the official.